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Our Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Last modified on: Tuesday Sep 08, 2020

Our Vision

Jyotirgamaya, a centre of excellence  in education, believes that every child is a genius with varied talents. We try to explore them to be the builder of a future nation. We focus on intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development of each student. We mould them to be a responsible, creative, global, citizens striving for excellence and committed to nature and progress of society. Our vision is to create an environment of learning with highly developed technology with an affordable way to the common people of Indian society.





Our Mission

Jyotirgamaya, has its mission to provide good educational opportunities to the students of under developed region of the country. The school is not profit motive, instead to develop the nation with an educated society. We also mold the youngsters as responsible, compassionate and innovative citizens. 

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